Library in Ganta Benefits from I-Help Liberia Book Donations

Over the past few years, the Liberian Mandingo Association in New York (LIMANY) and the I-Help Liberia Project have collected and delivered educational texts to schools in and around Monrovia. Thanks to these efforts, libraries at the Booker Washington Institute, Muslim Congress School, Salafiyya Islamic School, J.F.K. Medical Center, and the University of Liberia are now better equipped to serve students.

The I-Help Liberia Project has even extended its operations beyond Liberia’s capital, distributing books to J.W. Pearson High School and Youth Academy in Ganta. In Nimba County, I-Help donated books to KPein Public High School, as well as several churches and mosques. We are committed to ensuring all Liberians have access to quality education, regardless of where they live.

To this end, I-Help Liberia does not donate books in a vacuum. We couple material donations with in-person training. In 2013, I-Help led science workshops at the Mehdei Memorial School, the Booker Washington Institute, Margibi County, Gboven High School, and the Ganta United Methodist School. Participants at these trainings went home with new tools to enable their studies. For instance, at a workshop at the Cape Hotel, 5 out of the 44 attendants won various science laboratory materials, including Lab Quest, scientific calculators, and laptops.

I-Help is also dedicated to building relationships with local stakeholders and leaders. During our last trip, we met with representatives from the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Education’s Vocational Department, as well as the Female Muslim Student Association of Liberia. Our donations to the Ministry of Education’s Technical Department were also deeply appreciated. We look forward to ongoing collaboration with these institutions.

Every time we return to Liberia, we are thrilled to observe students and teachers putting our contributions to good use. This trip, the I-Help team witnessed previously donated biology textbooks on display at J.W. Pearson Library in Ganta. The head of the delegation, Mr. Asumana Jabeteh Randolph, said he was “extremely proud” to see that I-Help/LIMANY’s efforts were paying off. Each donated book produces a ripple effect.

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